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I don’t believe I have mentioned my unabashed love for cupcakes yet. I love cupcakes. They would definitely be my number one dessert – I can never turn down a cupcake. Although, I wouldn’t say no to a cookie either. I know cupcakes don’t really fit into my greens, eggs, and hamstrings healthy living theme – but everyone needs a sweet treat sometimes – life is about balance, right? These cupcakes are from Bake My Cake, a cupcake bakery in Dublin – you can visit their website here. I purchased a Groupon for 6 cupcakes a few months ago and was eager to cash in this weekend to celebrate Matt finishing his first week of 3rd year medical school!

They came in a really cute pink box. I was impressed to see that there was so much room between them because I was worried about squishing them on my way home. Check out this perfect design.

The Groupon included 3 flavours, can you guess what they are? Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry – only the icing is flavoured, the base of the cupcakes is the same. Now, these cupcakes are AMAZING! Matt described the vanilla flavour as, “sumptuous”, “heavenly”, and “REALLY good”. They are loaded with icing, but the icing isn’t too heavy or sweet – it’s light and fluffy and delicious! Matt proclaimed the icing as “the best icing ever”. The cupcake base is a moist yellow vanilla cake. I am often disappointed with cupcakes when the cake is too dry, but these definitely were not!

I would highly recommend the cupcakes from Bake My Cake, they have a location on South Anne Street, and you can buy just one. They have lots of different flavours to choose from, I’m looking forward to sampling some more – peanut butter sounds good!

The strawberry icing was to die for! Hope you have a delightful Saturday – the sun is shining in Dublin this morning. Happy September!